I could have sworn I posted about our Multiply account here... but I checked and it's not here.  Sorry minna.

Anyway... to make posting easy... I moved SOSOC's blog to multiply.  Pics and other stuff are much easier to post there.  It's been up for some time now.  Membership is by invite only so please give me your email addresses so I can send you an invite.  The group is Private so only members can access it.

Hope to see you all there soon.


ei guys

We're having a SOSOC Day-out on January 12, 2008 at Mall of Asia.

Activities for the day is up for discussion.  Let me know what you guys want to do, other than lunch.  Some suggestions are

Ice Skating

For those who are worried bout ice skating or bowling, don't worry.  I think most of us don't know how.  But it could be fun to try out.  And no... ice skating in shinigami uniform was just a joke.  Come as your normal self.  I know how we are pretty much busy during events either cosplaying, camwhoring, shopping or doing whatnots that we barely get the chance to actually have a decent conversation (my apologies to those members that I barely had the chance to say hi to during the Hero con), so this will be a good chance for members to get to know each other. 

Meeting place will most probably be at Chocolat.

I hope you can all make it.

Advance Happy New Year minna... and keep those fingers intact please.

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I just want to ask all of you (since almost all of you are experienced cosplayers, or just more experienced than me) where could I find the best BLUE, BLUE-GRAY wax for the hair (well, except for divi of course)? Let's just say I'm planning something.

And please notify me if you know a drummer that is:

4. KINDA TALL (about 5.10 or above, but it isn't mandatory)

you can just reply in here....


Shin... este Ichimaru Gin Taicho

Christmas Get2gether

Calling all members of SOSOC...

We're having a little Christmas get2gether this Saturday at MOA.  Your presence would be much appreciated.  Please let me know what would be more convenient for you guys: lunch or dinner.  I understand that there are currently issues with staying out too late due to the curfew thing so it's open for suggestions.  You know my number.  Just text me or post here.

Hope to see you all there, minna.

Oh and for those who don't know... the Hero con is at MOA that same day so hopefully we could all enjoy the con together.  No official cosplays or costrips planned.  If there's anyone going as cosplayers... you have our support.  Ja ne...
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So sorry

I know this lj has been totally neglected.  I swear I've been so lazy busy lately.  Christmas party presentation that I'm suppose to direct, video I'm suppose to star in, costumes for the cast that needs sewing, not to mention my gown that i still haven't finished... and the party is fast approaching.  Gaahh...

Anyway... as soon as this party is over, we'll be able to focus on SOSOC activities again.  Since 5 officers of SOSOC are now in the same company, we pretty much have the same sched.  And I know the others are pretty much busy with their own stuff.  There's a lot of events lined up... which we 5 will probably have to ditch due to our practice scheds and yeah... thanksgiving is coming up next week and we've got a long weekend but then plans have been made to go to Bora and other places so... we probably won't be able to attend the UP AME.  Unless we come up with a plan to get back to Manila in time for the event.  To those who'll be going and cosplaying or costripping... good luck and have fun.  Take lots of pics and share it with us who won't be able to see u guys.  Unfortunately, SOSOC's official photographers will be part of our trip so they can't take ur pics at the event.

On the off note:  I'm glad Kubo Tite is moving quite well with the manga... loving it.

Ja ne minna... hope to see yah all soon.

Oh and Birthday shout outs.  Belated Happy Birthday to Kuchiki-taichou/Pol, Ren-chan/Kitt, Mimi, Pao, and Maui!!!

Hope I'm not forgetting anyone.  and I hope I get the chance to give ur gifts soon.
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Cosplay: A little wig help please.=3,

Pardon the semi-off topic post. This one's for the community's uber cosplayers.=3

Hey guys, I'm really in a bind right now. I've been searching for a passable Edward Elric wig for AGES. I've been to Mannequins & some branches of SM but either the wig's in the wrong color or it needs a huge makeover. If you guys know any other wig stores, it'll be a huge help.=3


I know this post is loooong overdue.  Sorry.  Been hell busy.

Anyway here's the details.

WHAT:  SUMI-sentenyal: Bihisan ang Tugutugan
 Cosplay-Concert Fund Raising Event

WHEN: September 15, 2007 10:00 am til September 16, 2007 2:00am

WHERE: UP College of Fine Arts Parking Lot, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Tickets are Php 120.00

Japanese Music Cover Bands: Harap sa Likiod, Schiff, Wasted Sopas, 3-Day Trial, Progeny, Neotaku, Unfinished Confession, PPF All Stars

Event Schedule

10:00  Opening
1040-11   Harap sa likod
11-1120   Schiff
11:20-1:20 Free time
1:20-1:40  Wasted sopas
1:40-2   3-day trial
2-3  1st cosplay batch
3-3:20   Progeny
3:20-4:20 2nd cosplay batch
4:20-4:40  Neotaku
4:40-5:40  3rd batch
5:40-6   Unfinished Confession
6-7  Group cosplay
7-7:20   PPF All Stars
7:30-8  Awarding

Concert Night starts at 8pm

Registration for COSPLAY is from 10:00am til 2:00pm.
Check out the Cosplay Guidelines at http://sumievent.multiply.com/

Soul Society Phil is one of the sponsors for the event so please drop by the booth.  Also check out the booth of Ongaku Society.  Hope to see you all there.

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Domo Arigatou

Thanks to the members of SOSOC who made it to the Unang Hirit guesting yesterday.  Jan and Jac.  It means a lot to me especially since I know you had to sacrifice part of your work time just to attend the shoot.  It was so much fun hanging out with you guys.  Thank you.

Also, I still haven't posted the upcoming events.  I apologize.  Work and assisting in organizing events is taking too much of my time.

So I'll just do a quick post of all upcoming events that I'm familiar with.  If you have comments, questions, corrections or are aware of other events not posted, please feel free to post.

Collapse )

Hope to see you on these events.  Ja ne...

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